Company Profile

Since its founding in 1974 Indian Rubber Products has become a leading supplier of custom-made rubber products.
By constantly introducing innovative manufacturing techniques and product designs we are able to provide a wide range of highly engineered rubber products for specilialized and demanding applications.
Our customers include original equipments manufacturers of industrial and domestic equipment as well as the automotive, defence, power generation and pharmaceutical industries.
As our customer base has increased we have widened our product offerings to meet a wide range of industrial applications.
We are able to supply high-quality components for mega-capacity turbines and generators, rubber-to-metal-bonded products, high-precision moldings, and anti-vibration systems for the railroad industry.
Over three decades Indian Rubber Products has enhanced its manufacturing capacity using a wide range of polymer technology including EPDM, Neoprene, NBR, fluroelastomer, Silicone, modified silicone rubber as well as polyurethane, Teflon and PVC/NBR blends.
The results? We have the capacity, technology, and expertise to fulfill all the polymer requirements.